Peter Legge / by Peter Legge

It's hard to think of Peter in the past tense, as for as long as I had the pleasure to know him, he was ever in the present, with new ideas to discuss and new projects always in the pipeline. Over the best part of 15 years, he was a leader, a mentor and an inspiration, but most of all, he was a great friend. He taught me how to be an architect, but more than that, he showed the way to live life as one would hope to live, and thinking of him now, I learn from him still. He was from a different era, but at the same time, forever young in spirit.

Peter passed peacefully on the 16th of January 2019, but will be long remembered, both in his built work, and in the influence he had on the people who knew him. We'll do our best to continue his legacy.

Patrick Lloyd

Peter Legge Associates